Government subsidies for EV infrastructure growth are expanding. Our help will benefit your business and the environment.

Several national and local governments around the world are establishing governmental subventions with a focus on supporting the adoption and growth of electric vehicle infrastructure in order to reach environmental goals.

In Europe, substantial incentive programs have already taken place: In April 2016, the German government announced a €1bn subvention program to promote EV adoption, while the UK and France have taken similar steps by introducing significant purchase bonuses for new EV buyers.

But how could your business benefit from all this? Subsidies programs often demand meeting industry expectations before applying is even possible. And are you aware of all the technical details you’d need to consider? Not to worry.

We can help you

Ensto can help you with all you need. With OCPP and RESTful API compliance, our reliable products and services fit all the necessary industry requirements and protocols of smart and sustainable EV charging infrastructure. Whether your business is in retail, public, or private sector, we are happy to give you direct consultation and help you find the best solution for your requirements – regardless of your location.

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